Tsion Behailu


Atlanta, GA


Java, Python, Typescript, Go, C, Javascript
Frameworks & Tools
Google App Engine, Angular, Ruby on Rails, Matlab, Latex

In my free time, I'm usually..

  • Reading pop culture think pieces
  • Looking for cute Parisian cafes to read in
  • Taking language classes and quitting before I'm fluent
  • Binge watching tv shows even after they stop being good
  • Running out of vacation days

I'm a software engineer based in ATL - reach out if you’re offering a billion* or more per year


Work Experience

Founding Engineer / Arize AI
March 2020 - Present

Software Engineer / Google
Aug 2015 - Feb 2020

Did some cool things on Android Partner, Waze Ads, and Drive Viewing.

Software Engineering Intern / Groupon
Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Automated the collection of page performance metrics for the SEO team.


University of California, Berkeley
2011 - 2015

B.A. Computer Science